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Atomic Africa

Title Atomic Africa:   Clean Energy’s Dirty Secrets
Date released (year) Forthcoming   2013
Production company A&O Buero
Length 80&52 mins
Location Congo
Keywords/tags Mineral   extraction, mining
Link to clip
Synopsis We reveal the dirty secrets behind the   nuclear industry’s promise of clean energy for the African continent.From the beginning, Africa’s nuclear   history was tragically linked to the atom bomb. The uranium used for the two   bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 came from   the Shinkolobwe uranium mine in the mineral-rich Katanga province in eastern   Congo. Although the mine has officially been closed since 1961, it still   poses a threat to global security because of its value to terrorist groups   and so-called rogue states.

But at the moment, the real danger doesn’t   come from terrorists or rogue states but from the dangerous practices of   respectable companies from France, Germany, Canada, the UK and the US. In   collusion with corrupt governments and questionable corporate partners these   enterprises source uranium for their domestic markets. And – faced with an   apparent “sales problem” of nuclear technology in the Western world   – they also lobby African governments to buy nuclear power plants.

There is a shocking amount of ignorance   among otherwise well informed high-level decision makers in Africa about the   risks of nuclear power. They happily welcome the prospect of a seemingly   endless, cheap and clean energy source. And their national pride is fuelled   by the fact that the radioactive raw material for the new reactors doesn’t   need to be imported from other countries – it’s hidden in the African soil.

Uranium mining, on the other hand, has been   going on for half a century, with disastrous results: Large swathes of land   are destroyed and tens of thousands of people are contaminated. If these   people then dare to rise up against the injustice, their governments call   them rebels and order the military to persecute and kill them. With the help   of corrupt African governments, the nuclear industry practically wages war   against their opponents.

This film is about the criminal activities   of multinational nuclear enterprises in Africa. It shows how uranium mining   by French, German, British, Canadian and American companies causes the slow   death of millions of people, it describes the dangers of gangs and terrorists   illegally acquiring nuclear material, it proves how tons of European and   American nuclear waste are dumped on African soil – and it shows how   ruthlessly the nuclear industry lobbies African governments to invest in   nuclear power.



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