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Carbon Credits and Durban’s Dump

Title Carbon Credits and Durban’s Dump
Director(s) Aoibheann O’Sullivan
Date released (year) 2005
Production company Independent
Length 22 mins
Location Durban, South Africa
Keywords/tags Climate change,  Climate justice,   Environmental justice,  Carbon credits,  South Durban, landfill   sites, pollution, social justice, Group Areas Act, public health, World Bank,   South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal,  human rights,  SAPREF, BP, Shell,   Engen
Link to film
Synopsis This video explains what Carbon   Credits are, and how they affect the people living near the Bisasar Road   landfill site in Durban, South Africa. The local residents seem divided on   whether they should allow a World Bank endorsed carbon trading scheme in   their area.Copyleft, Not for Profit, Share Alike.
Links to other resources Africa’s   Biggest Landfill Site: The Case Of Bisasar Road | by Patrick Bond and Khadija   Sharife–by-patrick-bond-and-khadija-sharife

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