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The Curse of Black Gold

Title The Curse of   Black Gold
Director(s) Philippe Levasseur
Date released (year) 2007
Production company Talking Eyes   Media
Length 30 mins
Location Niger Delta
Keywords/tags Oil, mining,   natural resources, environmental degradation
Link to film
Synopsis The Niger Delta is one of the world’s most important   oil producers. But these lucrative reserves have brought little but misery to   the local population. Petroleum leaks from oil wells, polluting water   supplies, contaminating farmland and poisoning residents. Foreign oil workers   retreat behind walled compounds, hiding from the militias who want to take   control of the oil revenues. Bomb attacks, abductions and murders have become   part of daily life.
Reviews/discussion Fifty years ago, oil was discovered in the Niger Delta   region of Nigeria. Today, at 2.1 million barrels per day, Nigeria is the   sixth-largest oil-producing country in the world and a major oil partner of   the United States. Although its oil industry generates millions of dollars in   revenues daily, the average resident of the Niger Delta struggles to survive   on less than $1 per day.

These startling facts are portrayed in Curse of   the Black Gold, a multimedia video produced by Julie Winokur of Talking Eyes Media. The video, which contains hundreds of photographs by Ed Kashi, exposes   the enormous costs and devastating impact of oil exploitation on the region.   The impassioned voices of Nigerian activists and poets describe how the   convergence of government corruption, irresponsible oil-company practices,   and abject poverty has created a militant movement seeking redress.

Photos in the video were culled from Kashi’s   award-winning book Curse of the Black   Gold: 50 Years of Oil in the Niger Delta. The book, edited by Michael Watts, also features text by Nigerian   journalists and human-rights activists.


Links to other resources Watts, M. (ed)   (2008) Curse   of the black gold: 50 years of oil in the Niger Delta. New York:   Powerhouse.



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