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The Gleaners of Nairobi

Title The   Gleaners of Nairobi
Director(s) Patrick   Forestier
Date released (year) 2009
Production company France 2
Length 31 mins
Location Kenya
Keywords/tags Toxic waste,   dumping
Link to film (IN FRENCH)
Synopsis An eye-opening visit to the unauthorized   dumping sites of Africa. We head to Dandora, an eastern suburb of Nairobi,   Kenya. It’s a far cry from the beautiful safari images we so often see from   this part of the world. Here, since the 1970’s, people are born, live, and   die on the illegal rubbish dump. Men, women and children search amongst the steaming   piles of toxic waste for discarded food to eat and any articles they can   conceivably clean up and sell. Within the limits of the dumping ground, a   micro economy booms and strident set of unwritten rules govern who gets first   pick as new loads of rubbish arrive. Particularly lucrative are the   truckloads of waste from airplanes; there is a scramble for unfinished   airplane meals and cutlery as each dumpster unloads. The older scavengers   help themselves first, whilst the children wait their turn patiently.

We meet the people who work on the dump who   invite us into their lives and explain, with dignity and eloquence, how they   survive amongst the rubbish and the dangers of the gangs who control the   area.


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