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Africa- Resource Wars (Darfur)

TITLE Africa – Resource Wars   (Darfur)
Director(s) Soliloquy Monologues 
Date released   (year) 2008
Production   company Soliloquy Monologues 
Length 9mins
Location Darfur
Keywords/tags Resources
Link to film
Synopsis The wars in Africa are wars of greed. The Western   elites do not care for Africa or its people. It is after African Wealth, and   a desire to keep it resources going to West instead of Africa.Africa can’t develop simply because West won’t allow it. The World bank and   IMF are crooks, whose tongues are forked. Their goals is too keep the follow   of resources going to the West and due to their greed will not allow Africa   to develop.

What scaring the West more than anything is the fact they are starting to   lose Africa to the East.

I hope China will not abuse Africa the same way. Though I doubt that.


Links to other   resources Many related films can be found on YouTube at:

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