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Blood Diamonds

Title Blood Diamonds


Director(s) Bill Brummel Productions


Date released (year) 2011
Production company Bill Brummel Productions


Length 45mins
Location Sierra Lione, Angola, DRC
Keywords/tags Mining, natural resources,   civil war, trade
Link to film
Synopsis Diamonds are symbols of   wealth, elegance and love around the world. But in several African nations,   they have been a means to power, a reason to terrorize millions of innocent   civilians, and may have even helped finance some of the world’s most brutal   terrorists. The human cost of the illicit global diamond trade is examined in   the provocative documentary “Blood Diamonds” from the History   Channel.

Reviews/discussion The History Channel makes   a well made film explaining the bloody history of the diamond trade and its   accompanying wars while doing so in a way that is powerful yet filled with   facts.

Isn’t   often that television can provide more complete coverage of a story than the   written word, but this is a prime example. Even after seeing “Blood   Diamond” the movie, you wouldn’t have the context of this story until   seeing this documentary. It chronicles the whole history of the collapse of   Sierra Leone over decades, brought about by the diamond resource there. Because   atrocities played a major role (and are still being adjudicated), there are   many graphic images too strong for kids.

The show will leave you not only with some moral outrage about the industry   in general; it also exposes the specter of Al Queda’s involvement in the   trade. It arms you with questions you can pose about your own purchases to   avoid contributing to further instability and corruption in those countries.   It’s a great pleasure to hear Jeffrey Wright’s narration, but frustrating   because he’s not seen much more often.


Links to other resources Stop Blood Diamonds

More information on the Situation   in Sierra Leone


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