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Shell, BP, Engen and SDCEA


Title Shell, BP, Engen and SDCEA
Director(s) ;
Date released (year) 2006
Production company Independent
Length 14 mins
Location Durban, South Africa
Keywords/tags Climate change,  Climate justice,   Environmental justice,  Carbon credits,  South Durban, landfill   sites, pollution, social justice, Group Areas Act, public health, World Bank,   South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal,  human rights,  SAPREF, BP, Shell,   Engen
Link to film
Part one:


Part two:

Synopsis A look at   the toxic relationship between the local residential community in the South   Durban Basin (South Africa) and their neighbouring oil refineries run by   Shell, BP and Engen.
Reviews/discussion See position papers from the South   Durban Environmental Alliance:
Links to other resources Film maker’s home page:


South Durban Environmental   Alliance:


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