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The Bay of Plenty

Title The Bay of Plenty
Director(s) Sjoerd van Grootheest
Date released (year) 2011
Production company Private
Length 52 min
Location Durban, South Africa
Keywords/tags Representation, Resistance, FIFA   World Cup 2010, South Africa. Subistence Fishing
Link to film Will provide an export or link to   VIMEO soon.
Synopsis The beachfront in   Durban, South Africa has been an important fishing site for decades. In   advance of the World Cup 2010, the piers were closed to the general public   and fishermen for renovation. After the upgrades were finished, the public   was allowed back onto the piers: the fishermen, many of them reliant on   fishing for their income, were not. This film follows Durban beachfront   fishermen in their efforts to resist their banning from a public space   before, during and after the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa.


Reviews/discussion This documentary premiered during   the Durban International Film Festival in 2011.
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