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DSDS Conversation-II: Renewable energy solution for Africa


Title DSDS   Conversation-II: Renewable energy solution for Africa
Date released (year) 2013
Production company OneWorld
Length 8.51mins
Location Delhi, India
Keywords/tags Energy, protest, sustainability, renewables, climate change
Link to film
Synopsis Dr Pradeep Monga of the United   Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and Mahama Kappiah of   ECOWAS talk to One World at the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit   (DSDS-2013) about Africa’s governance issues, especially where development   projects are concerned. Both think renewable energy is a solution to   infrastructure problems in Africa.


Reviews/discussion TERI’s Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS),   organized annually since 2001, is an international platform for exchange of   knowledge on all nuances of sustainable development. Over the past twelve   years, it has emerged as one of the most leading forums on issues of global   sustainability. The Summit witnesses the attendance of various heads of State   and Governments, thought leaders, policy makers and the crème de la crème of   industry and academia who come together to deliberate on myriad issues. Until   date, a total of 33 Heads of State and ministers from over 43 countries have   registered their presence at the Summit.



15 Nov 2012
Title: SA’s renewable energy future looks bright
Pretoria – November 5 will always occupy a place of special prominence in the   history of South Africa’s quest to secure the stability of energy supply in   the country, especially as it forges ahead with its massive infrastructure   build programme.

The day marked the signing of contracts between government and independent   power producers (IPPs), which will see the addition of 1 400 megawatts to the   country’s power grid — a move that has been hailed as ‘historic’ for the   renewable energy sector.

“This is a very proud day for us. It’s a great day for South Africa.   It’s easily the most important day in the renewable energy sector globally   this year,” said Mainstream Renewable Power head of procurement and   project delivery, Barry Lynch.

The global renewable energy developer, Mainstream, together with its   partners, was in December 2011 named as part of the preferred bidders in   Window 1 of the Energy Department’s Renewable Energy Independent Power   Producer Programme (REIPPP).

The total 28 approved bidders, announced during COP17, signed implementation   agreements and direct agreements with the department, with power utility   Eskom signing power purchase agreements with the bidders.

The majority of the companies that won the bids are foreign companies, with   67 South African companies having formed partnerships with these companies.


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Economic Development and   Cultural Change , Vol.   52, No. 2, pp. 255-285,


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