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Fishing for Justice


Fishing for Justice: the Struggles of Durban’s fisherfolk from Pamela Ngwenya on Vimeo.

Title Fishing for Justice
Director(s) Pamela Ngwenya, Sinini Ngwenya
Date released (year) 2010
Production company Malinga Productions
Length 17.25 mins
Location Durban, South Africa
Keywords/tags Neoliberalism, privatisation,  protest
Link to film
Synopsis Short video documenting the voices of Durban’s   fisherfolk and conveying their plight. Presented by the Centre for Civil   Society.
Reviews/discussion From Amanda Dray’s 2009 thesis on   the same topic:

In today’s globalised world,   countries including South Africa, are pursuing neoliberal economic policies   which have many negative effects on ordinary citizens. One such effect is the   privatisation of public space which is an important resource for all   citizens. (…) the privatisation of public space along the Durban coast and   the subsequent loss of fishing sites for local subsistence fishers. (…) these   fishers are being excluded from using public resources along the coast and   thereby prevented from making a living. Most of the spaces that have been   privatised are being transformed into upmarket developments or used to   further trade through the expansion of the Durban Harbour. (…) In response,   the fishers have established the KwaZulu-Natal Subsistence Fishermen’s Forum   in order to mobilise against the broader processes of exclusion and   marginalisation resulting from neoliberal pro-growth development policies.   Their strategies include protest, deliberation with the state, and striking   alliances with other social movements in a broader process of   anti-globalisation struggle.


Links to other resources Dray, Amanda. (2009) The   politics of the privatisation of public space : the subsistence fishers of   Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, found at:

Bay of Plenty:

South Durban Community   Environmental Alliance:

BBC on privatising the oceans:


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