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Re-greening in Niger, a road trip with Dr Chris Reij

Title Re-greening in Niger, a road trip   with Dr Chris Reij
Director(s) Mark Dodd
Date released (year) 2013
Production company 1080filmandtv
Length 8.56mins
Location Niger
Keywords/tags Agriculture, permaculture,   desertification, food security, environmentalism
Link to film
Synopsis This 9 minute film is an insight   into the work of soil and water conservation expert, Dr Chris Reij. In June   2012, I joined him on a whistle-stop tour of communities in southern Niger.   This area is right on the edge of the Sahara and yet growing in the sandy   soil are an abundance of vegetables, cereal crops and trees.


Reviews/discussion Permaculture has been practised in   Africa for over 30 years, with ongoing and effective projects mainly situated   in Southern and Eastern Africa.    Central and West Africa has seen a rapid increase in interest for and   development of permaculture projects more recently.

Fambidzanai in Zimbabwe is the   longest running project and has led to the establishment of Schools and   Colleges Permaculture Education (SCOPE), which became Regional SCOPE   (ReSCOPE) in 2007 and is now based in Malawi.

ReSCOPE (   supports permaculture projects to take permaculture into formal education   systems.  The Malawian government has   funded a pilot project to bring permaculture into primary schools.

Permaculture in Africa is linked in   to the wider sustainability network through organisations like PELUM , which has networks across Southern and Eastern Africa


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