Africa’s solution to food insecurity lies in its private sector

Title Africa’s   solution to food insecurity lies in its private sector
Date released (year) 2012
Production company PressTV
Length 2.40mins
Location Ethiopia
Keywords/tags Food security, private sector, corporatisation, neolioberalism
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Synopsis A short   news bulletin from PressTV covering an AU conference on African food   security.

It   is estimated that food imports in Africa totalled 50 billion US dollars in   2010 and are projected to exceed 100 billion dollars in the next 10 years.


Reviews/discussion There   are many proponents of the idea that the private sector should play a key   role in African food security issues.

However,   one must question the corporate interests at play here (particularly in   relation to GMOs and petrochemicals) and critique the kind of interventions that   are proposed (Ngwenya).

Links to other resources UNEP-UNCTAD Capacity-building Task Force on   Trade, Environment and Development (2008) ‘Organic   Agriculture and Food Security in Africa’,

Weldeghaber Kidane, Materne Maetz and Philippe Dardel (2006) ‘Food security and agricultural development in sub-Saharan Africa: Building a case for more public support’,

For a variety of reports that are largely   critical of a neoliberal approach, see:

The Africa Report:

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Shell, BP, Engen and SDCEA


Title Shell, BP, Engen and SDCEA
Director(s) ;
Date released (year) 2006
Production company Independent
Length 14 mins
Location Durban, South Africa
Keywords/tags Climate change,  Climate justice,   Environmental justice,  Carbon credits,  South Durban, landfill   sites, pollution, social justice, Group Areas Act, public health, World Bank,   South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal,  human rights,  SAPREF, BP, Shell,   Engen
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Part one:


Part two:

Synopsis A look at   the toxic relationship between the local residential community in the South   Durban Basin (South Africa) and their neighbouring oil refineries run by   Shell, BP and Engen.
Reviews/discussion See position papers from the South   Durban Environmental Alliance:
Links to other resources Film maker’s home page:


South Durban Environmental   Alliance: